AllHumanity Endorsements


W. Victor Cook

Robert has built a strong and deserved reputation as someone with vision, diligence and honor – someone who gets things done! I have no hesitation in recommending him and know that he will always give of his all.

Alexi Vandenberg

Robert is one of the most innovative thinkers in non-profits. He truly gets what non-profit work is about and how it can positively affect our community and most vulnerable neighbors. He truly is one of the people that embodies everything that non-profit work should stand for.

Frederick "Skip" Burkle, Jr.

Rob's contribution to humanity through this network is highly lauded and appreciated greatly by those in the humanitarian network. His vision of what it would potentially come came true. Great work and leadership Bob!! 
Frederick M. Burkle, Jr., MD, MPH, DTM 

Matt Khodadad, HCD, LSS

An entrepreneur focuses on the Global Humanitarian Network by networking different leadership and governing bodies to maximize the charitable impact. Rob is purposeful, and passionate in life changing events. We salute you for your Heroic contribution to mankind!

Mark Keim, MD, MBA

Rob is a visionary in the field of humanitarian assistance. I have had the pleasure to know Rob as he has worked diligently to build the AllHumanity Group from the ground up. His sacrifice and persistence have been remarkable. His emotional commitment to the cause is inspiring.

Rosemary Khamati

Robert is the selfless individual who works to ensure others are taken care of and that their lives change for the better. Many of those he has helped neither know him nor does he know them. He would rather deny himself the goodies and help others. He is one of the most inspiring people I know. On his hospital bed, he still calls for help for others so that they can have shelter, better health, education and all. He does not spend money on himself but ensure that whatever is received goes to hep others. He is one of the best stewards of money that I have known. He encourages others to be accountable, something that is very rare in the world today. We need a Robert Cipriano in each nation and the world will be a better place to live.

Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D

Mr. Robert Cipriano, Founder & Chairman of the AllHumanity Group. represents to me a rarity in a person so young. He possesses of course, the missionary zeal and passion evident in many of his contemporaries, but with Robert , I see so much more depth. I see him as a great visionary with a huge heart who cares for others so much. 

As the founding Executive Director of the Goodwill Social Work Centre, a practicing social worker, and Professor of social work and Human resources management over 35 years, I have, through my professional, academic, and philanthropic experiences, met, admired, and appreciated many people for the distinct qualities, talents, and skills they possess. However, I have never quite come across a great humanitarian like Robert Cipriano before. 

I am so much proud to call Robert a great savant of humanism and my most respected and admired friend who has been extending his arms of service to humanity selflessly through his notable humanitarian initiatives and his wonderful networking platform- I am very proud to be a member of his site and I consider it a delightful moment and an enlightening experience to network with humanitarians the world over and profit by it. 

Gregory Gallagher

Robert Cipriano is a perfect example of the best of many worlds walking among us. Robert is constantly bringing good people together for fellowship, mentoring, and developing the leading edge business models of the future. When I presented my kids project called Ambassadors of the Environment, Robert unknowingly bridged a very difficult period for me with his unbridled enthusiasm and candor. I cannot think of a better man and friend to be associated with on a personal or professional level.

Kyle Carmone

Robert is a passionate, driven person who takes his experience from the corporate world and applies it to good in the non profit sector. Smart and thoughtful, he seems to know everyone and has a knack for bringing people together for a greater good.

Alex Angry

I have worked with Robert for several years now, beginning with Beyond Borders Internet TV and IllumAlliance International Humanitarian Group, LLC, and most recently AllHumanity Group. We have worked diligently to help those less fortunate both local and abroad. 

There are several reasons why I continue to partner with and champion Robert and his endeavors. Robert is passionate about humanity and understands the true purpose and responsibility that we all carry within us. He also is filled with non-stop determination, and when it comes to completing the mission at hand, his integrity is beyond reproach. 

I look forward to another successful run with Robert and the AllHumanity Group.

Robert Reid

Rob Cipriano, Our Honorary U.S. Navy Chief Mess Member, is the standard to emulate when it comes to support and advocacy of AllHumanity. This man has the talent, tools, drive, and passion to achieve anything in life; yet, he has a sustained history of placing self-interest in the distant background as he moves forward to give of himself to the needs of others. 

Rob was officially recognized as an Honorary Chief Mess Member in recognition of his full-time commitment to global Humanitarian support with continual engagement extending beyond 20 years. Rob continues to pledge his last breath in service to others; even amidst significant challenges, he stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration. In recognition of his sustained Honor, Courage, and Commitment Rob was asked to be a member of my Chief Mess, which is indeed a rare Honor. In fact, I have served the Navy for 24 years and Rob is the first person I have directly known to be extended this Honor. 

Few people have the audacity to venture out in effort to change the world...even fewer people demonstrate the tenacity and endurance required to actually make significant strides in transforming the circumstances of AllHumanity…this is Rob’s life and legacy! I am grateful for a chance to work shoulder to shoulder with Rob in pursuit of empowering AllHumanity to face their challenges and succeed. I have never known a person with as pure a heart as Rob’s; yet, it is my hope & prayer to find his twin in the mirror some day!

Linda May Kallestein

My impression of Rob is that he is highly dedicated to serving others. We have been in touch over the course of several years and he has inspired me in my work as a filmmaker working on humanitarian projects. He is visionary, yet pragmatic - both qualities which I hold high in regard. I hope to be able to work more directly with him in the future.

Melinda Blaze

Robert and I worked on a mutual project in 2010 that was quite comprehensive in nature. I found Robert to be an honorable businessman with great integrity. It was a pleasure to work with Robert, and I look forward to any potential collaboration in the future.

Michael Cudahy

I have worked with Rob for about a year now on various projects, and it has been a joy. I am constantly motivated by his enthusiasm and dedication to humanitarian causes. I now count Rob as a trusted friend, adviser and business partner. I highly recommend Rob, and look forward to continued collaborations in the future!

Sir Edward Artis

Rob is the consummate professional and innovative thinker... 

A great PEACEMAKER-HUMANITARIAN and one of the first people that I would contact to share an idea or plan of action that others might consider to be too far outside the box. I can always rely on his clear, honest and impartial response when I ask for it....

Ross Ellis

Robert is an amazing humanitarian. He genuinely cares for people and causes. He has been so supportive of Love Our Children USA and the work we do. We value him as a partner. It's not often that you find people who honestly care. Robert is one of those people!

Susan Beville Culverhouse

On occasion in times of great need there is a responding coming together of people with dedication, talent, resources and inspiration. Every such group requires a leader to provide focus, direction and vision. Robert Cipriano is such a leader. Cipriano’s company AllHumanity Group is an engine of social change. It is a vehicle for people globally to connect other people who want to help humanity who so desperately need a personal relationship. The AllHumanity Group provides voice and a communications hub for the vast non-government organization, (NGO), philanthropic communities and world citizens.

Supriyo SB Chatterjee

I have known Rob for well over a year now and I find him to be an exceptional humanitarian with a leadership that is well above par. Rob is very much in tune with the needs of a humanitarian crisis and performs brilliantly in getting his organization and logistics to meet those needs. He is acutely aware of the political, technical and social aspects of his work and its environment. He is well connected with others in the field and other organizations. He is a major asset to the AllHumanity Group and to those who partner with him. He has an unfailing drive that brings out the best in his work team and is a source of inspiration to the newcomers in the field. His dependability in getting things done is unquestionable. I wish him the very best in his endeavors.

Cindy LaBlanc

My experience with Robert is that he is a very hard working, driven individual. He has brought his project of BBiTV to a successful completion and has helped bring awareness towards children in need. People like him have the capacity to create a ripple in the world which can effect positive change for children. He has a wide network of supporters that believe in him.

Brent Harvey

Robert Cipriano is a consummate business professional and a wonderful humanitarian. It's rare for that particular combination of terms to describe one person these days but, Mr. Cipriano certainly fits the bill. I'm impressed with his vision and execution of initiatives. I look forward to witnessing Robert Cipriano's continued and inevitable success.

Vivek Kalyan

Rob is one of the great mentor and excellent human being I have interacted and worked with. His initiatives and leadership at Beyond Borders are exceptional. Rob is an asset to this world and is really making a difference with the help of Beyond Borders iTV. I wish him all the luck.

Shelly Bhumitra

Rob is is perhaps one of the most generous and giving individual I have come across. His hard work and dedication to any project or cause he takes up is most notable. He is relentless in his pursuit of his cause and I have admired him most, in that he gives it his all. A man of integrity and a very dedicated friend. Wish him the best always.

Gardner Cole

Robert Cipriano is a true humanitarian and his work provides a great service to the entire world.

Elias Aravantinos

Robert has been a pleasure to know since he makes an excellent use of the new media to motivate people to help out the third world countries. He is dedicated and a real warrior applying his knowledge and connections all over the planet. Excellent use of the social networks power and soon transforming BBiTV into a bright tool that will shine in the humanitarian global society.

Joanna Hyatt

Robert is a visionary leader who has strategically positioned Beyond Borders iTV at the forefront of digital media. They are setting the standard for creative and effective ways to address global issues, adapting to the ever-changing realm of technology in order to best meet the needs of individuals around the world. Beyond Borders iTV is the most innovative approach to date for addressing the humanitarian issues facing us today.

Wayne Warner

Robert Cipriano is a man that I aspire to be like on many fronts. His devotion to his work is void of limits and his compassion and drive is contagious. He brings out the best in all with whom he associates. Its a pleasure to work with someone with such admirable ambition and drive for selfless concerns.

Andrew Benson Greene Jr

Robert deserves to be recommended for sundry reasons. Through his humanitarian work he has helped in the healing of the hearts of Millions of people. His AllHumanity Group that he has created is for those of us who want to see democracy survive and thrive. Through this terrific network that he has steadfastly created, Robert has brought all of us together who care and are compassionate about the human spirit and He is aware that it is in the heart that everything begins: that grounded place in each of us where we can overcome fear, rediscover that we are members of one another, and embrace the conflicts that threaten democracy as openings to new life for us and for our nation. His service to humanity is exemplary and I recommend him for his candid and illustrious contribution to humanity and humanitarian issues around the world.

Lesley Chase Barton

Robert Cipriano is a magnanimous, gracious, and generous humanitarian whose vision, spirit, and work has positively changed the lives of countless individuals and children across the globe.

His energy, enthusiasm, and dedication are contagious, as well, as awe inspiring! He moves all the lives he has touched to join in his philanthropic vision and to believe in something beyond one's self.

I had the immense pleasure to recognize, honor, and feature Robert at our A United Journey For Humanity community as one of our extraordinary "Creative Innovators Advocating A Global Difference" for the way he has creatively harnessed his innovative technology, BBITV, for the betterment of humanity and the world. I also mention Rob, IllumAlliance, and BBITV during a recent interview with Judyth Piazza for her cutting edge radio show "The American Perspective" ( and the magnificent work he has accomplished and will further accomplish.

With Robert Cipriano the possibilities are indeed endless. He is a great leader whose actions will bring about the end of extreme poverty in our lifetime. I am grateful and honored to also be able to call him my dear friend!

Michael North

Robert's AllHumanity Group is a fine example of what can be accomplished over a period years by a spirited combination of vision, persistence, technology and guts. Check it out.

One of the good guys.

Amy Flynn

Robert is a generous and caring individual who is committed to making a profound difference in the world. 

Robert works tirelessly in his commitment to the underprivileged and disadvantaged children of the world. It is a privilege and honor to have been selected by him to support him in his endeavors.

Rob Toole

Robert has a strong track record in the non-profit sector. His entrepreneurial and organizational skills have enabled his organizations to fulfill a valuable mission.