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Everyone seems to have a mission, a new non-profit, an effort to improve lives. These are all well needed and valuable in this arena of life. the question is, as stated in our mission here at Missions Radio and with AllHumanity Group, How can we better communicate, collaborate and lock arms to strengthen the efforts overall. As Scripture tells us that every part of the body is important. Can the eye say to the mouth, I have no need for you, or the hand to the foot? It is important that we work closer and more frequently together than ever before.

But, these discussions and forums seem to begin, yet fizzle away, as all of us have our own agendas. We must keep the critical issues on the table and direct each organization to its purpose and talents. We need a reporting structure for all to see the struggles, the victories, the ongoing needs, communication breakdowns, etc.

How can we improve these processes. How can we see increased collaboration and sincerity.

I believe Missions Radio and AllHumanity is a great starting point.

Thoughts of structure and reporting? 

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  • Thanks so much Mr. Kenneth Mitchell for this powerful and life changing question!

    How can we as humans better collaborate and see continued improvement in life?

    We can accomplish and achieve a lot more together if we engage in deliberate collaboration!

    Here are further questions for discussion:

    Why is it important for individuals and organizations to work together?

    What are the different ways that individuals and organizations can work together?

    How do we choose among relationships?

    What are some of the challenges that individuals and organizations confront when they are working together?

    How do individuals begin to build individual and organizational relationships?

    There is real strength in numbers. When you have many groups with different views, resources, and skills applying their intelligence and strength to solve a problem together, the results can be like the work of superheroes.

    There is also a whole range of working relationships that organizations can have with one another. Some organizations will establish relationships just to share information. Others will pool resources in order to accomplish common goals, and others might do anything in between; Networking, coordination, cooperation, 

    Networking, coordinating, cooperating, collaboration, and multisector collaboration are all very different relationships that accomplish different goals and require different levels of human resources, trust, skills, time, and financial resources.

    • What does each organization want to accomplish by working together?
    • Which kind of organizational relationship is necessary to accomplish those goals?
    • Are there resources available for this kind of organizational relationship, such as time, skills, financial resources, community support, commitment, and human resources? If not, can those resources be accessed?
    • Is there sufficient trust and commitment to support this kind of relationship?

  • I agree with your post, we must keep the critical issues on table and act according to the priorities. One must always think of the improvement of the others life and work for their betterment showing the humanity. You can navigate here to see how NGOs are working of the betterment of the others. I think you must also come together and act for the betterment of the people who are suffering badly.

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