The AllHumanity Team

The AllHumanity Team

Robert J. Cipriano, CEO/Founder

Position Founder & Chief Executive Officer

About:  In 1980, Robert Cipriano formed a partnership with the Senior Partner of a NYC law firm and opened what would become the first of five entertainment based companies. Over the next five years Cipriano opened and managed Capri Productions, L'etoile Talent Agencies, Cipriano Enterprises Limited, Jared Designers and Applause, Inc. In 1985, Cipriano sold his interest in the entertainment conglomerate and traveled to Los Angeles California. In California, he entered real estate management and development. He managed Wilshire Court Financial Center and Paramount Plaza on the Wilshire Corridor. He expanded his real estate sector interests and built his first commercial building in Ohio with Paragon Group. He proceeded in 1987 to return to NYC where he opened Cipriano Development Group on Park Avenue. Cipriano specialized in real estate construction management privatization acquiring over 300 properties. In 1994, Cipriano found himself in Manila where he witnessed child abuse and neglect. A profound change occurred in Cipriano, wherein he made his migration from transnational finance & development to humanitarian work. Cipriano formed charity partnerships with many of the leading charities doing good work globally. Cipriano saw that charities needed to amp up their business structures and impact. In 1997, Cipriano started on a journey that has led him and others around the world participation in disaster relief, child advocacy projects, education, United Nations related/affiliated projects and humanitarian consortium team building. The AllHumanity Group, is one of the most respected humanitarian organization in the world. The AllHumanity Network, a humanitarian social network is a social platform exclusively for humanitarians. Cipriano continues to this day, building international team for complex humanitarian projects including technology integration into humanitarian sectors, refugee reintegration camps in Africa, and UN measuring and reporting on the SDGs.


Robert Reid, Executive Director

Position Executive Director

About: Robert Reid has demonstrated an effective servant leadership style while serving various roles with AllHumanity since 2013. He has a strong sense of personal humility; yet, as the Executive Director, his vision for AllHumanity Group is both audacious and achievable through development of highly functional teams. Robert is a 26-year veteran of U.S. Navy. Having achieved the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer in 2010, he was at the top 97th Percentile of the enlisted structure up to his military retirement transition date in October, 2015. Significant engagement in Project Management, Process Excellence, Continuous Performance Improvement, Theory of Constraints and other methodologies and management principles/disciplines enabled him to lead the Naval Enterprise to realize more than $100m in documented cost savings. Beyond savings, he delivered optimization of mission readiness, quality, safety and other critical metrics and objectives across multiple industry disciplines. His acute focus on workforce development, innovation, system level performance improvement and executive coaching were skill sets he honed and progressively gained higher levels of certification and authority from 1995-2015. He has effectively transferred these skills to his post-military career with great industry diversity working across service/transactional, academic, manufacturing, and Green Technology industries. Notably, Robert is honored to now work with a global award winning Green Technology leader, NG1 Technologies, as the Director, Innovation Integration and Executive Coach. Across 26 years of naval service, Robert has numerous awards and citations; however, he takes the greatest pride in 3 relatively lower level awards. Specifically, he was cited for 21 consecutive years of community/humanitarian service with 3 Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Awards. Building effective teams to achieve missions and serve others is Robert’s motive drive. Robert invites you to work with us so that “Together, We Can Do Something Great In Service To Others.


Dr. Craig Savin, Chief of Staff

Position Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant to CEO

About: Dr. Craig M. Savin is an interesting man. He has been 20K feet up Mount Everest, worked as a forensic odontologist after Hurricane Katrina, was a founding member of Homeland Security, worked in private practice with his brother, and presented to NASA and Japanese astronauts important information about the future of dentistry in space. Dr. Savin's motto is "through adversity comes opportunity." Ironically, this was his motto even before his unplanned career change after 22 years in private practice. He is still reinventing himself and want to make an impact by helping people live better lives.


David C. Traub, Director Special Adviser

Position Director Humanitarian Media

About: David has nearly 30 years of experience as an award-winning executive producer of feature films, digital media products and games; as a venture catalyst, global business and economic development executive; and as an investor and/or board member/advisor to over 35 startup, early stage, institutional, multi-national and government entities. David's current movies as Exec or Co-Producer include jOBS, BRONX BULL (the story of Jake LaMotta), CRAZY FOR THE BOYS (story about a real girl band that forms around high school anti-bullying activity), NEON BUFFALO (impact of entrepreneurship and native American gaming on the resurgence of Native America) and "TIME TO HONOR" (story about 2 Marines supporting veterans returning to a challenging US). His first feature film credit was for producing display graphics on THE LAWNMOWER MAN. He is also co-founder of "Teen Net" (resources for teenagers); "17 Question" (mythological evaluation tools),, a cellulosic ethanol platform, and (mobile-based 'rock philanthropy'. Previous non-profit activities included a fellowship with philanthropic; and a contribution to the Green Inaugural Ball, Jan. 19th 2009. David is author of nearly 50 articles on the evolution of the digital domain, education and economic development for publications, books and clients such as Ontario Ministry of Culture, NTT-Docomo, Microsoft and Carnagie-Mellon. He has given more than 60 keynote and other speeches globally. David earned a Ed.M in Education from Harvard ('90) with focus on optimizing economic/career development via entertainment interfaces/media, while conducting class-work at MIT Media Lab & Harvard’s Business School. In 1984 he earned undergraduate degrees in rhetoric & film with honors from the UC Berkeley. My "personal passion" is innovation entrepreneurship in digital media entertainment-deployed ‘bio-psycho-social’ curriculum and solutions: the ‘missing piece’ in modern education.

Roland Schatz, Senior Advisor SDGs

Senior UN SDG Advisor

About: Roland Schatz Founder and CEO: Media Tenor International Founder, UNGSII Roland Schatz Founder and CEO of InnoVatio Publishing and Media Tenor International, is devoted since 30 years on implementing Social Change. In 2008 he launched together with Prince Ghazi of Jordan the C1 One World Dialogue foundation to improve Inter-Faith-Dialogue. The InnoVatio network of academics, entrepreneurs and media leaders initiated the Global Sustainability Index. Schatz teaches Perception Change and hosts masterclasses on ‘Unlearning Intolerance’ together with the UN Academic Impact.

Kathrina Nease, Senior Advisor

Position Senior Advisor International Programs

About: Kathrina (Kit) Nease became president of 1STCHOICEFG in June of 2008, leading 1ST forward in its mission to bring attention and action to disaster response and mitigation efforts worldwide. Prior to her role with 1st, Kathrina served as the USDA Regional Representative for the United States to Central America. Kathrina’s career with International Development and Public Health Services has spanned more than 35 years, including international service in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Trained as a structural engineer in addition to holding an MS in Public Health Services, Kathrina spent a decade working as a Project Executive for Homeland Security. In 2010, she became a UNGM vendor which took her to serve as a WHO/AEMRN Project Consultant for Mobile Medical Facilities in East Africa and Sierra Leon. She is a member of the African European Medical Group with field operations in Africa as well as several years aligned with the organization’s headquarters in Geneva, where she served as Consultant for Mobile Medical Clinics through her company SHELTER+. Subsequently, she served as CEO for UNGM Vendor for ProVisio, an international Consulting firm that supports large expeditionary services to International Disasters. Ms. Nease has nearly 40 years of combined experience with International Disaster Response, emergency management response, critical resiliency and recovery strategy, funding and organizational development, security planning, grant life-cycle management, facilities and infrastructure standards, community healthcare, affordable housing, and community diversification. She has held leadership and project management positions for cities and municipalities, corporations, and the White House. After Hurricane Sandy, she was presented with a public service award for her work for DHS/FEMA in NJ/USA. For the past ten years, she has dedicated her consultation services to the areas of disaster management, funding and acquisitions, business and economic development, and financial structure analysis for profit and non-profit organizations. She is a highly sought after businesswoman who is well known for her accuracy and standardization of reporting, federal structure of businesses, and human capital management. She has spearheaded operations to develop an emergency disaster and mitigation system (EDAMS™) to assist cities in tracking critical assets in real-time during a disaster event.

Michael Matthews, Innovation Fellow

Position Senior Innovation Fellow

About: Michael has a deep and rich work history including 12-years at Cray Research as an instructor and global training manager; as well as 10-years at SunGard Higher Education where he served as chief information officer, and vice president of academic services. In these roles he has influenced 100s of research, energy, chemical, and manufacturing companies, as well as over thirty community colleges, universities, and statewide systems. Michael is a proven innovator at the intersection of education, business, and technology. Michael has consistently won international awards for his innovative work on initiatives like the education and career positioning system. He has garnered the 2016 EDUVENTURES Innovation of the Year Award, 2013 Campus Technology Student System and Services Innovation Award, and the 2012 U.S. Department of Education Business Start-up Challenge. Michael has been invited to the White House on three occasions to discuss innovative breakthroughs for educational systems. Michael has been featured in numerous journals, magazine, newspapers for innovation with wearable watches, nano-sizing education, student information systems, and augmented and virtual reality. The most recent interview on transforming education with augmented virtual reality can be viewed at CXOTalk. His 2016 lecture on geonetics and nano-sizing education has been archived on United Nations TV. Mike has earned associate and bachelor degrees, as well as many certificates from institutions ranging from Dunwoody Institute of Technology, UW-Madison, UW-Stout, UCLA, Harvard Business School, and Global University. Mike has completed Master level programs in online teaching and learning from UCLA as part of his Master’s degree.

Dr. Frederick Burkle, Senior Advisor

Position Senior Humanitarian Advisor

About: Dr. Burkle is a senior fellow and scientist at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and senior international public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C. He is a former senior scholar and now senior associate faculty in the department of international health and the Center for Refugee and Disaster Response at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore. Dr. Burkle has supported and represented ACEP for years at federal meetings and in the Disaster Medicine Section. He is the recipient of the prestigious William Crawford Gorgas Medal for distinguished work in preventive medicine, groundbreaking work in disaster management and humanitarian assistance, and the training of an entire generation of U.S. and international personnel. Dr. Burkle has published more than 200 scientific articles, 53 book chapters, and four books—three on disaster management, including the sentinel text Disaster Medicine.

Marshall Millett, Special Adviser

Position Special Adviser 3D Technologies

About: Marshall R. Millett is the founder of Aemass, a start-up in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood producing 3D documentation and true-to-life 3D technology for live events. Since 2009 he has aggressively explored and implemented 3D documentation and virtualization technologies, focusing on computer vision innovation, data-recording techniques, remote access through digitization of full-scale environments, cultural heritage preservation and long-term storage solutions. Previously, Marshall served as a senior archaeologist and GIS administrator across California and the western U.S. In 2011 he founded MARS Cultural Services to pursue best practices and methods for true environment documentation in 3D. Millett is an extensive traveler, gaining professional cultural heritage experience in over 30 U.S. states and 11 other countries. He has done anthropological / archaeological studies in Scotland, England, Oceania, Brazil, Switzerland, Tokyo, Thailand, India and Bhutan. He holds a dual Mathematics B.A., Cum Laude Anthropology B.A., Advanced Graduate Degree in Geographic Information Systems and is an Alumnus of the School for International Training.

Thomas Polson, Special Adviser

Position: Special Adviser, VR Production

About: 3DPaint/FX has developed a high-quality cost effective service for stereo VR post production and is currently working with top VR producers. Projects of note include "The Displaced" which was used for the NY Times launch in VR and is one of their most viewed videos with a 90% retention rate as well as "Clouds Over Sidra," which was hailed as the ideal for stereo VR at the time of its release. 3DPaint/FX also provides 2D-3D conversion services and visual effects for the entertainment industry. We provide the highest quality and most cost effective conversion services in the industry. We worked with Fox Home Entertainment in partnership with JVC to help develop their conversion pipeline for library titles. In the past, 3DPaint/FX has provided visual effects for features including “Rescue Dawn”, “I Am Legend”, “Mostly Ghostly”, “Dark Streets” Clients include, Stardust, Chrysler, Comedy Central, Saban Entertainment, Fox Kids Network, Warner Home Video, Fox Latin America, Universal TV, Seiniger Advertising, Keller Entertainment, Zotos International, Information Builders, Pittard Sullivan, Norman Lear, Vanity Fair 3DPaint/FX was the lead CG animation team for "NASCAR Racers" for Fox Kids.

Gordon Sumner Ph.D., Advisor


About: With over 36 years of experience to the Federal Government and industry, he provides support to the Department of Defense, State and local governments and other Federal agencies with a focus on program management, Guard/Reserve issues, operations, personal management, force management, and strategic development. He works with a team of experienced entrepreneurs and advisors who’s Access, Experience and Trust has enabled clients to scale their businesses – raised capital, built sales teams and strategic partnerships, launched products, grown top-line revenues, and achieved successful exits. He assists businesses, especially veteran owned small businesses, by developing sound business strategies by building relationships with executive leaders with a focus on the Federal government. A retired Army Officer, Dr. Sumner held various leadership positions within the Department of the Army, the Joint Staff and Office of the Secretary of Defense. A decorated combat veteran, Airborne/Ranger and Army Master Aviator, he served on the Army Science Board and as the Army’s representative to NATO’s Army Training Group. He was responsible for the Total Army’s Institutional Training base worldwide. Today, Dr. Sumner is actively involved with many non-profits supporting our veterans and their families.

Ari Eisenstat, UN Advisor

Position UN Advisor

About: At 28 years old, Ari Eisenstat is a representative of the United Nations Global Sustainability Institute, an independent UN endorsed foundation working on “Education, Substantiation, and Activation" for the Sustainable Development Goals. Ari founded DRÆM VENTURES, an impact venture capital fund to invest in social entrepreneurs working to achieve the Global Goals. Ari is also the International Chamber of Commerce representative to the United Nations for the post-2015 negotiations, and member of the UN’s Interagency Working Group for Youth and Gender Equality. Ari has cofounded multiple philanthropic and entrepreneurial initiatives that support creative technology and social innovation for the SDGs. His presentations on Sustainable Development, Venture Capital, Impact Investing, and Social Entrepreneurship have been featured globally. Ari curates at and speaks at events at universities, businesses, nonprofits, and conferences, festivals, and events consulting leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.or the Sustainable Development Goals.

Gabe Baker, VR Education Consultant

Position VR Education Consultant

About: Gabe Baker is a former middle school teacher who earned his Master’s Degree in Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara. His research revolved around synchronous online learning and how teachers and students come together online for learning interactions using a variety of technology tools. His specific area of interest is in 3D/VR technology, and he went on to found Edorble, an education technology company that helps classes or teams come together in 3D worlds for online learning or training. Edorble is currently being used by hundreds of teachers and students around the world and it’s their mission to leverage 3D/VR technology to make online learning more personal, playful, and powerful. He also does work for Worldviz, one of the most advanced VR companies in the world.

Charles Ray, Senior Advisor

Position Senior Advisor

About: Charles A. Ray, a career member of the Foreign Service since 1983, has been the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Prisoners of War/Missing Personnel Affairs and Director of the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office since 2006. He is responsible to the Secretary of Defense for policy development and oversight of all matters relating to missing personnel. Mr. Ray served in the U.S. Army from 1962 to 1982, retiring with the rank of Major. During his military career, he served at a number of places in the U.S. and abroad, including two tours of duty in Southeast Asia. Since joining the Foreign Service, he has served in China and Thailand, and was Deputy Chief of Mission in Sierra Leone. In 1998, he was appointed as the first U.S. Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In 2002, he was sworn in as the U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia, where he served until 2005. Mr. Ray served as Diplomat in Residence at the University of Houston for the 2005-2006 academic year. Mr. Ray holds a Bachelors Degree from Benedictine College, a Masters from the University of Southern California, and a Masters in National Security Strategy from the National Defense University.

Nigora Sachdeva, Humanitarian Adviser

Position Special Humanitarian Aid Adviser

About: Nigora Sachdeva, as Humanitarian Officer, headed initial stage of the asylum application process with the UNHCR office in Uzbekistan. Managed UNHCR Uzbekistan’s refugee/asylum seeker database, produced regular statistics and demographic reports on refugees and asylum seekers. One of the lead officers among three remaining staff (from the original team of 20) reassigned to UNDP after the diplomatic incident and closure of the UNHCR office in Uzbekistan. Took up additional duties of liaison focal point with UNHCR Kyrgyzstan, UNDP Uzbekistan and Ministry of Internal and Foreign Affairs on refugee-related matters. • Identified and prioritized assistance to vulnerable and female-headed households, applicants with disabilities, and unaccompanied children from over ~2,000 open/active cases. • Conducted training sessions for staff members on all registration technical upgrades/updates. Ms. Sachdeva's key areas of work include Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment; Gender Mainstreaming; Capacity Building, Protection Monitoring; Humanitarian Assistance; Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Refugees; Human Rights; Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) Prevention and Response; Project Management; Policy Development and Support; Strategic Partnerships; Report and Concept Note Writing; Awareness Raising; Women, Peace and Security.

Patrick O'Neill, Adviser

Position Senior Advisor Crowdfunding

About Patrick O’Neill, Founder and CEO of Amp Your Good—a crowd-feeding platform that radically changes and improves how food drives work by replacing the traditional physical collection model with an online donation model. Prior to this social enterprise, Patrick has been CEO of other companies, including over fifteen years heading an award winning real estate and development company. Patrick graduated from West Point Military Academy and served in the armed forces prior to becoming an entrepreneur.

Dr. Joni Johnston, PhD, Adviser

Position Consultant Adviser

About Dr. Johnston is a clinical/forensic psychologist and licensed private investigator who consults on criminal and civil cases throughout the U.S. She is an approved Mentally Disordered Offender (MDO) evaluator for the California Board of Parole and often evaluates inmates for the Superior Court of California – San Diego County. She has worked on the Assessment and Crisis units at R. J. Donovan Correctional Facility and has conducted over 200 independent harassment investigations for a variety of corporations and universities. She has taught forensic psychology courses for Tiffin University and Argosy’s criminal justice programs. She writes a blog for Psychology Today on law and crime and has authored three books.

Peter Krogh Sorensen, Adviser

Position Advisor/Consultant

About Inspiring, seasoned, visionary General Manager with proven achievements in operational management and revenue growth within large, complex and multi-cultural contexts. I have more than 32 years of professional progressive experience from the United Nations, the European Community and from the non-governmental, private and Governmental sectors focusing on crisis or developing countries. I have several years of practical experience - gained from several years of working as a military officer, diplomat, senior humanitarian worker and from private businesses - from the field as well as at HQ level. During my extensive career I’ve fundraised, established partnerships and implementing projects within the humanitarian area with budgets of several hundred million USD and several hundred staff. Some projects include building roads and schools in Afghanistan, clinics in Iraq and capacity building in post-conflict areas. In a netshell; I have a track record of spearheading operational and administrative improvements, excelling in demanding environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. Specialties include: management, financial, communications, solution orientation, capacity development, climate change, emergency humanitarian assistance, rehabilitation and establishing new operations in crisis/development countries. Working experience include: Afghanistan, Africa (Algeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda), Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, Georgia, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Pakistan, Russia (Russia, Ingushetia and Chechnya), Serbia, Syria, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and the USA.

Juan Garland, Consultant/Adviser

Position Consultant Advisor

About Senior executive with MBA and broad experience leading teams and managing organizational development in national and multinational companies and organizations. Experience in negotiation with diverse stakeholders, including low income communities, unions, and senior management. Effectiveness in talent management, leadership and multifunctional team development, and corporate social responsibility promotion. High competence in creating and implementing strategic plans and organizational redesign, being able to balance critical, business, financial, and human factors in decision making. Bilingual English - Spanish.

Dr. Sara Hill, Consultant Adviser

Position Consultant Adviser

About Dr Sara Hill has a depth and breadth of experience in the nonprofit field, ranging from community education, administration, program management, program evaluation, research, writing, website ​development and ​curation, professional development/training, to technical assistance provision. ​She has been engaged in international as well as domestic (U.S.) work. ​For example: As a consultant for ChildFund International, Dr. Hill worked on a variety of projects, such as writing and editing their staff manual, and researching and writing a white paper on International Youth Literacy programs. In addition, she was sent to three of their funded programs, one in Belarus, to document innovative youth development programs, the goal being to write a guide for other ChildFund programs. One of Dr. Hill's last projects for ChildFund was to review their U.S. programs and to present my findings to their board which was under new leadership. Dr. Hill has written and disseminated agency e-newsletters, was the managing editor for the journal, Afterschool Matters, She has written hundreds of reports, and is currently the editor/curator of a website called the Youth Today OST Hub. In addition, she has ​extensive experience in technical assistance and training. Currently, Dr. Hill has ​been running Appreciative Inquiry workshops—this is an approach to working with management and communities to reflect on the good work that they are currently doing, build on it, and envision and plan future projects. This approach has been implemented domestically as well as internationall​y.

Robert Rowbottom, International Adviser

Position International Adviser

About Mr. Rowbottom has 41 years of professional experience of which more than 37 years as a project manager/team leader and/or principal consultant. His technical experience was obtained in various parts of the world including S.E. Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean. He has extensive experience in managing large- and medium-scale water resources and rural development/land resources planning/regional development projects (including design, construction, O&M aspects, procurement, grant management, institutional strengthening and capacity building components) and has been involved in numerous feasibility/evaluation studies many under difficult circumstances. On numerous occasions, he has been called upon to energize and improve performances of projects already under implementation. He has long-standing experience in directing large teams of international and national experts and generating a good understanding with the client at both lower and upper governmental levels. He has often been engaged in project/programme formulations, project evaluations, proposals development & evaluations and is well aware of the existing procedures used by various financing agencies and/or donors, such as the EU, World Bank, ADB, BID,DFID, International Development Bank (IDB) and Dutch Development Cooperation (DGIS) a.o. Moreover, as a regional/country representative ARCADIS Euroconsult and later Euroconsult Mott MacDonald, he was involved in new project formulations, proposal preparations and overall management and quality control of projects, first in Thailand, then assisting the Company Regional Office in Indonesia and throughout the past three decades in Bolivia (which included Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Argentina) and Egypt. This entailed connecting successfully with Governmental officials at all levels and with national private sector companies.

Rosemary Khamati, Director - Uganda

Position Uganda Educational Associate

About With more than 20 years of experience in the “non-profit” world and 14 years working in Africa relief and development, Rosemary Khamati is uniquely qualified to lead PEACE International’s work in East Africa. She’s a teacher by profession, an administrator by training, and a servant of Christ committed to holistic transformation through education, leadership training, evangelism, and community development . Rosemary’s philosophy is to start small, go deep, and work herself out of a job. She is “Mum” to four grown daughters – and "Grandma" to a delightful grandson.

Dr. Christopher Daniel, Director India

Position Country Director India

About Prof.Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D is a Social Work Academic turned Social Entrepreneur who is the Founder and Executive Director of Goodwill Social Work Centre(NGO),Madurai,India. Prof.Dr. J.Christopher Daniel,M.A.,Ph.D (born in India,1947) is the Founder and Executive Director of Goodwill social work centre,Madurai,India, an Indian NGO registered as a Society under the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975, Government of Tamilnadu,India, and Foreign Contributions (Regulations) Act 1976, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. With his wide academic and professional experience for 33 years as a Professor of Social Work and Human Resources Management at the Madurai Institute of Social Sciences,Madurai,India{1972-2005} and 5 years as a Visiting Professor of Social work/HRM and Senior Advisor-Master of Social Work programe at Department of Social Sciences,Lady Doak College,(an autonomous college affiliated to the Madurai Kamaraj University,Madurai,India), Madurai,India{2005-2010} he has trained hundreds of young women and men in professional social work practice,social entrepreneurship,human resources management and NGO management at the post graduate level. He has also served as a Visiting Professor of the Department of Management Studies(M.B.A) and the Department of Social work at The American College,((an autonomous college affiliated to the Madurai Kamaraj University,Madurai,India), Madurai, India during 2005-2006. Dr.Christopher is a free lance writer and he has to his credit more than 100 articles on various social issues including children's rights, and human resources management issues published in national and international journals,books and web magazines and websites. He has widely traveled abroad to present scientific papers in international conferences and seminars. He has served as Human Resources Management Educator and research consultant and involved in HRD training activities.His special areas of interest include Professional social work practice, Human resources management, NGO /Civil society governance and management, Project management, training and capacity building for NGOs, Human rights training including child rights, social research etc. He has had wide professional experience in designing curriculum on Social work, Human resources management, HRD training and Development, Family Life Management, Environmental education for children and Child Rights education and training for school children etc. He has had extensive experience in organising an Intensive Family Preservation (family support services) programmes for dysfunctional families.He has been actively involving himself in organising NGO networking and capacity building programmes for Indian NGO administrators and development professionals in Tamilnadu,India.

Javier Hernandez, Director Development

Position Director of Operational Development

About Javier Hernandez is a veteran entrepreneur having built 8 ventures of his own with 6 successful liquidity events and 2 that – let’s just say – taught him some extraordinary lessons about life and business. He has a relentless commitment to relationship building and helping others find the connections they need. Respected as an innovator and problem solver. Skilled at achieving the ideal point of intersection between goals, needs, capabilities, and resources He has worked globally in 72 countries across 4 continents and 50 states, helping more than 300 client companies and not-for-profits. His expertise ranges from product development and management, sales force management and market strategies, operational efficiencies, fund raising, and facilitating investment capital, mergers, acquisitions, and IPO’s.

Kenneth Mitchell, Director Podcasts

Position Director Radio- Voices of AllHumanity C-Host

About I have spent and enjoyed, over 30 years of my life reaching out to those who are hurting and in need. Either in the hospital setting, hospice care, blood donation, disaster relief, humanitarian efforts and ministry and I can say..." I have never regretted or shall I, of any and/or mile I have walked, hours of sleep missed, dollar spent or embrace of one in pain." Now that I have been given the capacity to reach around the world to help improve the quality of the physical, mental and spiritual lives of so many through this radio broadcast, I am honored to be able to do so and continue this journey of servanthood and to serve those who are serving others, in this life. All of us can make a difference. It is a matter of choice, a matter of giving more of ourselves so that others may live tomorrow.

Michael Cudahy, Director Branding

Position Director Branding & Promotions

About After nearly 20 years of working with companies in both traditional and online marketing, Michael has found that most are still missing huge opportunities to grow their businesses. That should be no great surprise - it's hard to be outstanding at your core competency and marketing as well. That's why Michael joined The AllHumanity Group to lead its social media marketing and business development sector. Social media has changed everything for businesses - it’s no longer an option – but a necessity. The question now is how to best use it as a humanitarian business development tool in this new age of marketing.

Joan Betros, Director Special Events

Position Director of Live Special Events

About Joan Synan Betros (Nejame) has over 35 years of experience in the media and entertainment field, which has covered every aspect of production. Her medium is Television, Radio, Network News, Live Production, Documentaries, and Motion Picture. Her main areas of expertise are producing and directing family television programming and large, live events. Joan has a production/entertainment company, (JDB Entertainment, LLC), in Nashville, Tennessee and is currently establishing satellite offices in the Middle East in music, arts, family television programming, and live events with global media production. Mrs. Betros started in the motion picture business as an AFTRA and SAG agent and as a casting agent for different motion picture houses and talent agencies in Hollywood. Mrs. Betros later was the Director of “JB and Friends” modeling agency in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Mrs. Betros is the creator of the Songster Bus™ a cultural, musical and entertainment television program. She will also be producing a live musical, cultural exchange, and music industry event, “The East-West Connection: Voices 4 One,” in the United Arab Emirates. Mrs. Betros has worked with Warner Music Group (Nashville), Icon Studios (Atlanta), Renegade Radio (Nashville), and other award winning music studios, plus top singers/songwriters and stars. Mrs. Betros served in Iraq as the Director of Women and Children’s Family Television programming under the direction of the Coalition Provisional Authority. Mrs. Betros also created pre-production of indigenous family television programming for the Iraq Media Network. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Mrs. Betros was commissioned by the Royal Family and the King Faisal Foundation to produce marketing documentaries. She also created, wrote, and produced a family oriented television talk show in Saudi Arabia that emphasized education and building of the family unit for the Gulf Cooperation Council Region.