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What is the right answer for Immigration?

I am not proposing to tell you what to say in these matters; rather I am asking that you build a foundation of knowledge using non-biased resources, such as this video, that are not politically charged. Likewise, I welcome your comments in support or countervailing views that are focused on constructive holistic solutions...related fact-based study outcomes and multimedia resources are of strong benefit.

This video is not saying immigration is is asserting that unmanaged or unbalanced immigration is harmful to all parties involved. Personally, I am mostly concerned about unlawful immigration due to the fact that this practice devoids any chance of keeping a balance and strategy that supports unified objectives.

There is a solution...we can work together to improve conditions, and access to opportunity, if we work as a team with a mutual goal based on a common understanding. We need to drive decisions based on FACTS rather than political agendas and corrupt systems seeking to sustain and elevate chaos, confusion, division and even epidemic levels of anarchy.

I welcome your serious discussion and engagement if you watch this video and you truly want to join in an effort to serve humanity. We should prioritize teaching people "how to fish" rather than giving them a fish that will soon be gone (yet not solve the root cause of global unmet needs).

Legal Immigration is "Good" when properly balanced for the good of all parties involved (to include the population of the country of origin). Much of the progress we have made in moving forward as a unified humanity ties to successful immigration policies. Conversely, unmanaged or illegal immigration policies and practices increase division and seed to, or nurture, further division and ulterior motives that are focused on dominance or destruction of a unified humanity.

Visit and join ---"Together We Can" create sustainable solutions for a Global Unified Humanity committed to common good and respect for AllHumanity.

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