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Goodwill Social Work Centre, Madurai,India is a non-profit organization registered under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 1975 and Foreign contribution Regulation Act 1976.Founded in 1981, Our  organisation has been involved in providing a wide spectrum of services to children,youth,adults in dysfunctional families with a preventative, rehabilitative and developmental in perspective and based on the principles of scientific humanism in line with the professional social work model.

Since its inception  our organisation has been working in the areas of children's rights, children’s rights through artwork, Children’s environmental health rights, humanitarian aid, Intensive family preservation of dysfunctional families, Youth and women development, non-formal employment training for youth, community technology services, environment education and action, social research,, NGO capacity building and networking and NGO consultancy. GOODWILL is highly professional in its approach and its methods are underpinned by a strong academic research ethos.

As part of our development initiative   we  have been organising capacity building programmes for children ,youth, women and in rural and urban areas on the theme 'Use of Technology to bring knowledge and hope to the communities' through interactive  audio-visual lessons on basic health and life skills subjects developed by Thare Machi Education(TME), a registered Charity in the United Kingdom.

Both TME(UK) and GOODWILL(India) has been taking up partnership project in the state of Tamilnadu to organise health promotion programmes which include:

 1. Distribution of DVDs in Tamil and English languages free of charge

2.Organising interactive training sessions on the use of DVD lessons to disseminate health information for developing the life skills in various target groups(children, youth men and women) and organisations(Schools,NGOS,Corporates,Schools of social work, Governmental institutions etc)

3. Organising Institutional Capacity building and training programmes on the use of TME DVDs for the target audience.

 We have already been involved in distributing , free of charge, a set of 30 interactive DVDs on health related topics in Tamil and English languages to schools, colleges/Schools of Social work, NGOs, Corporates etc in and around Madurai,Tamilnadu. We are proud to state that the extent of participation of target groups in the DVD interactive training sessions has been phenomenal.

Since  May '15 to Dec. '15  12,92,862  viewings of TME lessons in Tamil with a total number of viewers being 10,15, 860 from six districts namely Madurai, Ramnad,Sivagangai,Theni,Viruthunagar and Dindigul  in the state of Tamilnadu,India

The  target groups  included 227 organisations namely 1.53 NGOs 2.42 Schools 3.80 primary health centres and nutrtition units 4.24 informal groups and 28 self groups

In the initial phase Goodwill Social Work Centre has been working in partnership with  Five NGO networking organisations in six districts namely Madurai, Ramnad,Sivagangai,Theni,Viruthunagar and Dindigul  in the state of Tamilnadu,India.In addition  Goodwill Social Work Centre has made collaborative arrangements with the following governmental and non-governmental agencies in the distribution and organising capacity building programmes on the use of interactive DVD lessons on  various health related issues for NGO personnel and Governmental officials namely World Vision Network in India and  Deputy Directorate of Health services,Madurai District. Govt. of Tamilnadu.

We invite you to read a summary of TME Technology and Goodwill Social Work Centre Life Skills project to The Communication Initiative website

We invite you to  follow the link: ; and watch our slideshow at :

Please follow this link on our 'amazing results' published in the TME(UK)Newsletter at :  TME%20newsletter%20March_2016%20About%20GSWC-%20TME%20partnership%20project.PDF

Thanks very much for reading

Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,M.A.,Ph.D
Executive Director
Goodwill social work centre
No:5,South street Extension
Singarayar colony
Telephone:0452 2531175





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