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The AllHumanity Group Agenda 2017 & Beyond

The new team at The AllHumanity Group is in place and preparing to deliver the 2017 agenda #allhumanitycrew

Agenda 2017 & Beyond:

1) To complete the technology infrastructure for the AllHumanity Humanitarian Platform in cooperation with leading technology and humanitarian, faith based and non-faith based organizations.

2) To create the humanitarian menu and suite of services offered/provided by AllHumanity Group to the globe.

3) Brand Identity & Management Integration

4) Delivery of the AllHumanity Primary Corporate Hub, where all services and entities will be provided world-wide.

5) Delivery of AllHumanityTV a centralized video repository for deliverability and management of social interactive television services.

6) Delivery of AllHumanity Social Network a global collection source with data streams and quantitative data from over 1,000 global humanitarian networks

7) Continued Infrastructure Architecture & Development


8) Continued humanitarian assistance in areas including hunger abatement, homelessness, veteran and veteran family PTSD programs, disaster relief, disaster preparedness, orphanage programs and education.

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