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At U2 concerts in the early 90's, a regular part of the show featured criticism of George H.W. Bush. In fact, frontman Bono used to call the White House in the middle of the concert to try to get a chance to speak to the 41st President. When George H.W. Bush's son George W. Bush became President in 2001, Bono was also a critic of his politics. George W. Bush didn't go to war with the critic of himself and his father. Instead, he invited him to talk about something they had a common passion for, saving lives in Africa. They had lunch together in the White House Mess Hall, then Bush took him to the oval office. For 40 minutes they discussed A.I.D.S., malaria, and debt relief. After the meeting, In 2003, Bush started a program in Africa known as PEPFAR, which 14 years later is credited with saving over 11 million lives. Yesterday, Bono was in Texas as part of the current U2 tour and paid a visit to his old friend. It is amazing what can be accomplished when mature people find common ground for the good of all. - shared by me - for you too

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