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  • In my lifetime I have seen, witnessed or had been a player in so very many prodigal happenings. I was invited to sit at tables with numerous people from all walks of life, some of which were notorious, infamous and much-publicized. The one thing I learned about each and every person and situation, and even about myself, was that there is always an inside and outside motive, purpose or intendment. In other words, there are always, at least two stories to narrate in order to find the collective good or bad, or both. A Mob underboss or a cult leader was both a human with a fleshly past and a son, brother, father, friend. Circumstances and consequences filled the void of who they became in the narrative of their personage. As the inside and the outside chronicled their time on earth, redemption became more important then continuing to serve the collective ugly aspects of the choices.
    A large part of my mission and scope of our vision is to capture on film and tell the stories, both from the inside and the outside, of some staggeringly extraordinary individuals. Just as we all have an inside and an outside, our stories need to be seen with both eyes and captured by the redemptive lenses within and above us. This is what gives us all courage to face each other in more meaningful ways.
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