War in their homeland disrupted the education of many thousands of South Sudanese children. You can give those children an education - and hope -- by giving to PEACE International. PEACE constructed a school in a northern Uganda refugee camp called Olua 1. Classrooms are packed and many more children wait for their chance.

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  • If you need a little inspirational music and remembrance of peace, feel free to spend a few minutes on our channel www.Peaceday.TV where everyday can be Peace Day, not just September 21st. If you have a video you believe should be added to the channel let me know. ~ In Peace
  • PASI is a non-profit institution, it is an organization has several branches which bring people from different backgrounds and nationalities of belief, and NGO's who want to participate in the reconstruction of the country through numerous projects for young entrepreneurs, communities of the country. It is not affiliated and not participate in any political denomination. Informal Sector Support Plan (PASI) implement and participate in anything that will contribute to cohesion and the recovery of the dignity of the Haitian people.
  • As an old chap living in his last year I have a very simple view on the problems that we have in the world. Like most small people I reach to my pocket to help world pain and disaster. However I do know if we in the progressive world wanted the pain and suffering to end tomorrow we could achieve this tomorrow. I can only conclude in some way this would not suit with what powerful people want. If Africa was to be able to stand on it's own feel the rest of the developing world might just have to work a bit harder to compete, so it is not really in their interest. Discussing!!! again as a simple man I know one day they will be held to answer for their actions. They may be rich and powerful but if they believe you live in this world and just get away with "Whatever" they are very stupid. There is a greater judge that will hold them to account and that is as basic as regardless as to power and wealth we all need to visit the loo!!! if you are a person that have some power to stop pain and suffering in the world I feel sorry for you not angary. every person is geared to want lots of luxury but when you have all you want and need what is the point in making another billion.................it is just numbers and nothing more is achieved in you life. Power does not lay in how much you have but in what you do with your life!! Yes this is a old mans ramble and know one will read it but I still believe it is a ramble I want to make. I have had a dream for many years to same 40k to build a school and clinic in Africa and then seek a rich man to meet the small running cost of running it. Then I want to find rich people to say "I am who am nobody have done this will you match my doing" the sad fact I am not at 11k which is a long way off but I will not give up I still believe in leading by example"!! If people could see just how big a difference they could make to humanity. What do they feel when they look at the face of a child who is suffering, and know they have the ability to stop it tomorrow. I do not go along with the thinking of I can't fix everyone suffering!!!!!! Fix the one you bloody well can now. Meanwhile we small people will carry on with our £1o's and £20's as we always have. I am an Irishman but I am very proud UK is the most giving country in the entire world and always will be. I do not believe I will change anything from my ramble but I did have the need to make it.
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