All of us have a purpose, a destiny in this life-

A Mission, an assignment, to carry out a very important cause.

Our hearts desire here at Missions Radio is just that. We have been commissioned to

Serving those who are serving others                                 

What does that look like?

Missions Radio exist to bring the message of hope and truth that so many ministries and organizations fulfill each and everyday in our world.

By interviewing these organizations and sharing that information with you, the listener, we pray that a connection would be made. Information that would touch your heart, that would bring you to consider partnering with them in their efforts, either in prayer and finances or both.

We exist to bring you 24/7 Christian programming from ministries that are called to encourage and challenge us in our daily walk and bring us the truth of God's Word.

We provide and network with ministries that are providing education and ministry to remote areas of the world and providing them programs in their same language, in such places as South Africa, India, Russia and many more. These programs are heard on Missions Radio in their lands, during their listening hours. Providing Salvation and discipleship programming. (partnering with The Tide Global Ministry)

We offer FREE air time to ministries who other wise could not afford programming time with other stations. Ministries and ministers in other nations, to reach their communities and people with the message of hope.

We provide interviews with some of today's leading music ministries and share their testimonies and the stories behind the music and songs, that you hear every day on the radio and in your worship services.

This and so much more is why we exist, to serve, to encourage and share the love of God to those who are hurting and lost.

Please view our Partners Page 

We continue to partner with various ministries and groups, as God brings the opportunity to do so for we understand, that where one can put a thousand to flight, that two can put ten thousand to flight.

This is and will continue to be our mission..To Serve, by all means, to all people, to the glory and honor of God our Father and His Son, Jesus the Christ, our redeemer.


Kenneth D. Mitchell

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