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  • I wanted to be sure to update you on last weeks wins and progress on #Kickstarter!

    It's been a wonderful soft launch with some books sold and more importantly critical conversations started .....to include the potential to bring this project to two prestigious university's !! Which would bring us over our goal.

    I have noticed that the majority of people interested and backing this project are in the tech community and Impact Space.

    That being said there still a couple of areas to work through. One is critical mass.. How do we grow this in way that meets the minimal goal , but more importantly becomes a platform in that we can grow to weave together markets and works towards bringing tech solutions to solve global poverty.

    My Ask:

    -- I ask that you continue take this journey along side me.

    --- This weeks goal is to spark growth via the network effect, which I will I need as much support on as possible, join me in a social media push this week, and engaging networks.

    I am including a couple of tweets out of respect for your time:

    "Humanitarian in Heels" . . . Fund a Book & Change the World by Heather Cochran on @Kickstarter http://kck.st/1rqgHqT

    "Humanitarian in Heels" . . . Fund a Book & Change the World http://kck.st/1rqgHqT #stem #economicdevelopment

    An inspirational book on science & tech. #STEM creativity #Kickstarter http://kck.st/1rqgHqT from my friend @humanitarian01

    Join me for a google coffee! I am not sleeping this month so I am always up for a coffee chat!
    I truly hope you will join me and dive in to yet another crazy little dream of mine, because happiness is only real when shared.


  • Hello AllHumanity Group , I am excited to announce that I have recently finished a book on the importance on development work. I look forward to highlighting some of the very critical work this group does. If you could kindly take a moment and sign up to join us in our social media soft launch it would be much appreciated: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/41402-impact-focused-book-launch
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